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  • Low Thermal Expansion
  • Good Chemical & Wear Resistance
  • High Compression Strength
  • Low Cost
  • Chemically Inert
  • Excellent Wear Resistance


TMC S26 is a high performance thermoplastic developed for applications where a thermoplastic is desired but not used due to high wear of the media. TMC S26 has almost the same properties as our TMC S25, but with the extra advantage of being chemically inert. This makes it perfect for use in extremely acidic environments. Moreover, TMC S26 is made to fill the gap between all thermoplastics and ceramics currently available. As it is thermoshock proof as well as easy machinable and has excellent wear resistance, it is used most commonly as bearing in high demanding applications. Furthermore, swell in media will not occur which is one of the reasons we also recommend this material as a replacement for ceramics in media with extreme abrasives.

Technical Data

Material code Max. operating temp [°C] Min. operating temp [°C] Tensile strength [MPa] Compression strength [MPa] CTE [10-6/K] Friction [-] Shore D Hardness [-]
TMC S26 30.00