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Tenmax Bearings, Wear rings and Seals

Tenmax B.V. has over 15 years experience in manufacturing lightweight and wear resistant rotating equipement parts based on PEEK composites.

PEEK is a high performance thermoplastic which is the best solution for extreme operating conditions as it is corrosion resistant and can be used at high temperature applications. Tenmax B.V. colleborates with customers to tackle their challenges and will help to change out their current (metal) parts with Tenmax' PEEK based materials to increase efficiency, stability and MTBR.

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30 Mar 2022

Why you should choose TMC materials for liquid gas applications

Over the last 15 years we noticed several problems with pumping and handling of liquid gasses, LNG and other media used at extreme low temperature with a low viscosity. In most applications the conventional bearing and wear ring materials can not handle these low viscosity and extreme low temperatures. In these applications the temperature can rise a little and/or the pressure can drop suddenly for short times depending on operation conditions.

With more conventional materials this will cause serious damage to the parts and their MTBR (Mean time between failure) falls down, but many times this is noticed when it is too late. Even little pressure drops in the system are able to cause the bearings to fail, which is why, contrary to liquids, they require lubrication for use with (liquid) gasses.

Our materials are able to handle and survive these critical moments. Tenmax materials always keep their excellent mechanical properties during extreme low temperatures regardless of loading times or media which it comes to contact with.

The TMC materials we recommend for these kind of applications are made for a temperature range from -150C up to 285C. Compared to others they are extreme wear resistant and almost chemical inert while they don't swell in media and don't suffer from aging.

We always advice to use different TMC materials for wear rings and for bearings. Superior materials we recommend for liquid gas applications are TMC 7601, TMC 7601-4, TMC S25 and TMC H60.

Using our TMC materials will give better NPSH and huge savings on energy. But most importantly more reliability and safety!

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23 Jul 2021

New service available: CMM Measurements

This month Tenmax installed a 'Renishaw' coordinate-measuring machine (CMM) to ensure the highest level of product quality for our customers. For more information about this new service and how it will help us to increase the quality of you products even more you can contact us here.

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12 Aug 2020

New machine: HAAS CNC machine center

We proudly announce the acquisition of a HAAS CNC machine center. With this brand's state of the art equipement Tenmax is able to use and provide the lastest technology in CNC machining and production.

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