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  • Low Thermal Expansion
  • Great Chemical & Wear Resistance
  • Extremely High Tensile & Compression Strength
  • Self-lubricating
  • Inert for vibrations and shocks


TMC P50 is a high performance thermoplastic which has been proven to be the perfect replacement of ceramic axial bearings and trust pads. It is excellent for use in high velocity applications. Furthermore, it improves friction and wear behavior and as it is self-lubricating it is suitable for the highest tribological needs. TMC P50 also has a perfect dimensional stability for use in applications which require high operation temperatures.

Technical Data

Material code Max. operating temp [°C] Min. operating temp [°C] Tensile strength [MPa] Compression strength [MPa] CTE [10-6/K] Friction [-] Shore D Hardness [-]
TMC P50 3.90