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Bearings, wear rings and seals

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For over 15 years Tenmax has been involved in the development of bearings, wear rings and seals made out of our own PEEK composites. At Tenmax we have the knowledge and capabilities to develop custom-engineered thermoplastics to suite our customer's needs. Tenmax already engineered a range of high performance thermoplastics which are labelled as the TMC family.

These materials have excellent wear properties, outstanding chemical resistance and enhanced mechanical properties. Below you can find all materials which can deliver from stock. Select a material in the sidebar for more details and features.


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While all bearings reduce rotational friction, some high precision bearings are specially manufactured to withstand support loads, or bearing loads, in various directions. Two examples are axial loads, or thrust loads, and radial loads.

Axial bearings, or thrust bearings, are designed to withstand force in the same direction as the shaft whereas radial bearings are designed to withstand forces that are perpendicular to the direction of the shaft.

Tenmax offers a range of plain bearing materials that are able to support axial loads, radial loads, or even both types of loads.

Wear rings

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Pump wear rings are simple components, but they have a profound impact on pump reliability, efficiency, and safety.

Pump wear rings are the contact zone between rotating and stationary parts. During start-up, shut down, and off-design operation, the rotating and stationary rings come into contact. This contact creates friction and wear. Under adverse conditions, the wear rings can seize causing severe damage.

To prevent failure, Tenmax developed a range of composite materials which can improve pump life by up to 100%, while reducing vibrations, seal leaks and running clearances. Furthermore, field tests have shown that the reduced clearance can improve pump efficiency anywhere from 2-5% for typical process pumps.


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Overview of our engineered plastics

Material code Max. operating temp [°C] Min. operating temp [°C] Ten. strength [MPa] Comp. strength [MPa] CTE [10-6/K] Friction [-] Shore D Hardness [-] Bearing Wear ring Seal
TMC H60 280 -100 310 340 19.00 0.12 101
TMC 30 280 -100 210 250 22.00 0.18 89
TMC 7601 260 -140 120 160 24.00 0.12 89
TMC 7601-4 280 -120 100 160 30.00 0.11 89
TMC S25 300 -80 150 150 26.00 0.13 105
TMC S26 280 -120 95 130 30.00 0.11 90
TMC G9 280 -120 50 40 50.00 0.06 66
TMC W70 285 -100 2100 1400 0.23 0.13 98
TMC P50 250 -100 700 742 3.90 0.16 97
TMC CCP30 500 -100 X X 15.00 0.09 1500 Vick.

*Small deviations from the parameters mentioned above may occur due to processing conditions.