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Tenmax B.V. was founded in 2006 by people from the rotating equipment world. Our goal was to develop high performance composite thermoplastics specifically designed for the use of a bearing, wear ring or seal in rotating equipment. This all to improve the MTBR, stability and efficiency.

Tenmax makes finished parts and billets out of different PEEK (polyether ether ketone) composite compounds to supply the best solution for any of our customer's specific applications. We outperform other suppliers by delivering a broad range of high quality materials against competitive prices, and by delivering in a timespan comparable to the OEM.

Tenmax' composites beats every other material and is in many cases the best solution to replace metal parts. Futhermore, our materials are applicable in any market as they can be used with almost any fluid and under high temperatures.

We offer design and implementation expertise around the world, solving our customer's problems with either custom-engineered materials or our TMC line-up. We are eager to think out-of-the-box and we always want to provide the best fit for our customers. Whether they need efficiency, stability or an improved MTBR we have got a material for our customer’s needs. We are specialized in cryogenic, oil & gas, liquid gas (LNG), nuclear, and chemical applications.

Why chose us?

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If reliabily, efficiency and cost savings of your bearings, wear rings or seals is you priority, look no further and contact us today to see what Tenmax can do for you!

  • Over 15 year experience
  • Design & Implementation Advise
  • Custom Materials
  • Short Lead Times