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TMCS25: a Ceramic or Silicon Alternative!

28 Jul 2022

Years ago, we got a lot of questions from our customers to supply a good alternative to replace Ceramic and Silicon bearing assemblies in (Vertical) pumps.

Ceramic and Silicon bearing assemblies often suffer under dry run or semi-dry run conditions during the start or stop of the equipment. Also chipping of bearing material can be serious problem due to vibrations. Spreading of these chips can damage expensive pump parts or other plant equipment due which will lead to more unplanned downtime.

On customer demand and successful field tests we developed TMCS25.

TMCS25 is a thermoplastic with a more than excellent wear rate. Many Sic/Ceramic applications we encounter can be changed out by TMCS25 dependent on the application properties. Another huge benefit is that our TMCS25 can run against a normal hard metal.

Customers therefore only need one stationary part and not 2 expensive pieces of Ceramic/Sic. Furthermore, customers have all good benefits of a thermoplastic.

TMCS25 can be machined after assembly if needed.

For more information or inquiries please contact one of our engineers here.