TMC H60® belongs to our newly developed range of Composite PEEK/Carbon materials. This material is designed to be used for many applications as its material parameters are as broad as possible. TMC H60 has an unique composition of state of the art fillers which makes the material outperform others on all properties. This makes TMC H60 the most universal thermoplastic in the market.

Material code Max. operating temp [°C] Min. operating temp [°C] Tensile strength [MPa] Compression strength [MPa] CTE [10-6/K] Friction [-] Shore D Hardness [-]
TMC H60 280 -100 310 340 19 0.12 101

*Small deviations from the parameters mentioned above may occur due to processing conditions.


Low Thermal Expansion

The thermal expansion of TMC H60 is very low over the entire temperature range. As it is slightly above Duplex and Stainless Steel it has perfect press fit opportunities for your design! The material has a perfect running clearance for applications that require high temperatures. So no glass transitions problems!

Chemical and Wear Resistance

Due to the presence of PEEK, carbon and other fillers in the material TMC H60 has both excellent chemical resistance as wear resistance. Swell in media will not occur which is one of the reasons we recommend this material for media with abrasives.

High Tensile and Compression Strength

Due to its random properties, TMC H60 has a very high tensile strength. It is therefor perfectly suited to be used as an axial bearing and it can act as axial and radial solution at the same time. We also recommend TMC H60 for mag-drives and multistage applications.

Low Cost

In comparison to other materials TMC H60 can be offered at very low costs! Therefor it is an excellent replacement for PEEK winded materials and plates as well as Silicon carbide (SiC) and other carbon materials.

More Benefits

  • Chemical and Hydrolysis resistance
  • Non flammable
  • Self-lubricating
  • High dimensional stability
  • Inert for vibrations and shocks
  • One material for your whole machine or pump range

Typical Applications

  • All high temperature applications
  • High abrasive applications
  • Chemical and high demanding rotation applications.
  • Oil and Gas
  • API
  • Water and Chemical
  • Waste water and Mining
  • Liquid gas and other low temperature applications
  • Vertical and multistage pumps, mixers etc.

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