Benefits of our materials

Tenmax differentiates from the competition by offering the best quality against low prices and very short lead times. We are the one stop shopping partner for rotating equipment materials. Not convinced yet? Check out the following benefit of choosing a Tenmax material:

1. Extending MTBR

Using our materials the mean time between repairs (MTBR) extends significantly due to the superior material properties like non galling, thermoshock proven, excellent wear rate, chemical resistance, dry-run capabilities and many more (depending on specific material).

2. Improve efficiency

With our TMC materials you will receive an efficiency gain on power consumption of more than 5% due to closer tolerances on wear rings and bearings. Safe modulus running on 50% and less than API standard clearances! By using Tenmax materials customers can safe on energy consumption and also reduce CO2 production.

3. Reduce downtime

Tenmax materials are more reliable and predictable and prevent your equipment from unscheduled downtime. These unscheduled downtimes are undesired and costly events and can be avoided by using our materials.

4. Safe on life cycle costs

Life cycle costs of pumps or other equipment are the largest costs for customers. The biggest part of this is the power consumption which we are able to reduce more than 5%. The makes the return of investment, or ROI, of our products in many cases 7 months or less! The second largest costs are the maintenance costs. By using Tenmax materials these costs can be reduced significantly. Also maintenance can be planned together with your plant stop. Bad actors are one of the most costly events customers like to avoid. Solving these bad actors is our specialty and we can outperform many mainstream materials from others.

5. Less vibrations

Our materials are thermoshock proof, non galling, can dry run and don’t have any swell in media. Due to the close running clearances (50% of API and less), very low vibration levels can be achieved.

6. Fewer safety and/or environmental issues

Less unscheduled downtime leads to less or no safety issues during production. Also this leads to less risk for the environment due to leakages of oil or other substances.

7. Reduce damage after failure

In case of equipment failure or during a planned maintenance, your equipment will have less damage on the shaft and other counter materials like sleeves and impellers. This will safe a fast amount of money as these parts are the most expensive to replace. Due to the counter material friendly nature of our materials customers safe lots of money on spare parts.

8. Fast delivery

Our standard lead time is 4 weeks, however in many cases we can do urgent delivery to solve your problem fast as Tenmax has all processing in their own facility.

9. Bad actor solving

About 8-10% of the equipment in a chemical plant or refinery are bad actors. This equipment fails before the scheduled maintenance and causes huge costs in production downtime and repairs. Our materials can extend downtime significantly and can save our customers a lot of money on bad actors.

10. Custom parts

Tenmax can make custom parts and gives support on engineering and design. We help you to make the switch from your current materials to our TMC materials. We can also make special compounds to achieve the best performance for your specific application.

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